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Is Your HVAC System in Memphis, TN, Inefficient?

HVAC Maintenance

An inefficient HVAC system can’t provide conditioned air when you desire it. Knowing the signs of reduced efficiency helps homeowners in Memphis, TN, know when to seek help. If you notice any of these signs, you probably have an inefficient HVAC system:

Weird Sounds and Odors

While strange sounds and odors coming from your HVAC system don’t make it less efficient, they indicate a problem that does. Typically, HVAC systems should run quietly and not emit strange odors, but when something goes wrong, those symptoms are some of the first you’ll notice. Schedule a professional heating or air conditioning repair if you notice noises like banging, screeching or rattling or smells like burning.

High Energy Bills

Next time you notice a steady increase in your energy bill, monitor your system’s energy consumption. Inefficient components make your system work longer than it should, thus consuming more energy. A clogged air filter, a dirty outdoor component, refrigerant leaks and ductwork leaks are some of the reasons your system uses more energy to regulate your indoor temperatures. An air duct sealing service can fix the problem.

Short-Cycling HVAC System

Short-cycling is when an HVAC system shuts down prematurely, turns on and repeats the same thing. A short-cycling system will never keep your family comfortable because it doesn’t distribute temperatures evenly. Some issues that cause short-cycling can go away after repairs. Unfortunately, repairs cannot address problems such as an oversized system. Not only does short-cycling lead to decreased comfort in your home, but it also leaves you dealing with higher-than-usual utility bills. Change the filter in your heater or air conditioner to see if that fixes the issue. If not, schedule an HVAC repair immediately.

Addressing an inefficient HVAC system promptly restores your family’s comfort, saves money and increases the system’s life. Contact Landmark Heating & Air Conditioning to see whether you need a repair or replacement to reinstate your comfort and efficiency.

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